The Olive Pink Opera is produced by the Olive Pink Botanic Garden with professional assistance from acclaimed music director, Jonathan Tooby and assistant music director and producer, Claire Kilgariff. Co-directors of the Opera are highly experienced and talented locals, Nicole Evans and Steve Kidd. Morris Stewart is the artistic director of the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir and the Desert Song Festival.


Talented and trained singers are drawn from Alice Springs and the Region. Kristina Kidd sings the lead role of Olive Pink, with Steve Kidd performing the role of Ted Strehlow, a nemesis of Olive. The incredible sounds of the world-renown Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir provide the pillars upon which the music and dramatic action relies. Supporting the story throughout are: Lisa-Marie Burgoyne (Daisy Bates and Pat Colley), Justin Fenwick (Des Nelson), Scott Fraser (Mr Neil Hargrave) and a choir of children formed especially for the opera (Gap Kids who interacted with Olive).


Charlie Tjampitjinpa Brown, a proud Warlpiri man plays and dances the role of Johnny Tjampitjinpa who assisted Olive, from 1962, to build what is now the Olive Pink Botanic Garden.


The Olive Pink Opera Ensemble, led by Jessica Wright, and consisting of musicians drawn from the Alice Springs community provides the orchestral accompaniment to the opera. Master musicians Riley Lee (shakuhachi) and Francis Diatschenko (guitar) support the musical foundation for much of the narrative of Olive Pink, Ted Strehlow and Daisy Bates. Drum Atweme, an enthusiastic drumming group of young Aboriginal people, adds a vibrant dynamic to the Opera.