The People’s Garden

The Garden Design Master Plan titled ‘Olive Pink Botanic Garden – the People’s Garden’, sets out a vision for the our future. It is an ambitious 20-year plan that aims to unlock the potential of the Garden.

Developed by landscape architect Clouston Associates following extensive community consultation, it contains a comprehensive, costed three stage development plan. Its concepts build on the opportunities of the site and recognises that the long-term viability of the Olive Pink Botanic Garden will be dependent on delivering excellent visitor experiences, especially to the local community.

This refreshed 2020 edition follows the launch of version one on Miss Pink’s birthday, Saturday 17th March 2018. Originally developed over 12 months with public and stakeholder consultations, this Refreshed 2020 edition incorporates further community feedback.

Key elements of the plan are:

The Plant Collection – the Master Plan prioritises the plant collection, especially the display and conservation of the flora of central Australia. Opportunities for people to learn about arid zone plants, their traditional names and uses, horticultural practices and landscapes, are also central to our future plans.

The hills as hero visitor attractions – Tharrlarletneme (Annie Meyers Hill) is a place of great significance to local Arrernte people. This important sacred site will act as a bridge for understanding and learning about Arrernte culture. We will establish seating and interpretation at the two viewpoints – Rivers and Ranges Lookout and Coolabah Swamp Lookout. The natural values of the site are being conserved and restored. The Arrernte Trail walking track is to be upgraded.

New visitor centre and café – A new visitor centre, café, offices, works depot and parking area is planned near the existing front entrance gate. This will enhance the visitor experience and staff amenities with upgraded facilities.

Miss Olive Pink Centre – The existing main building will be refurbished to present a comprehensive story of the Garden and the fascinating and unique story of Miss Pink and the important anthropological and botanical work undertaken by Miss Pink.

Indigenous Culture – The garden will provide a platform for training, education, employment and sharing of Arrernte stories.

The development of the Plan was funded by the NT Government.