Olive Pink fought hard for the establishment of the Garden to educate residents and visitors, to protect the diversity of the flora of Central Australia, and to support the rights, and employment of, Arrernte and Walpari people. She committed her own time and what little money she earned to the project.

Today, we are committed to continuing the legacy of Olive Pink by creating sustainable employment and the best visitor experience as possible. To do this, we require a diverse range of skills and expertise for the development and implementation of many projects relating to general operations, garden maintenance and plantings, flora trails, sacred site and black-footed rock wallaby protection, and events.

To achieve long term sustainability, we are highly dependent upon grant and philanthropic funding and generous donations, large and small, from our supporters.

Olive Pink Botanic Garden is a not-for-profit organisation, registered as a Charity, with Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR). As such, all donations/gifts over $2 are tax deductible.


We invite you to make a tax deductible donation, large or small, and play a role in our future.

To make a donation please use the donation form on this page.

Support the Black-footed Rock-wallaby

Your generous support will contribute to restoring the habitat of the Black-footed Rock-wallaby. This involves the employment of an Arrernte ranger to restore the sacred site, Tharrurlatneme (Annie Meyers Hill), with the continual removal of Buffel Grass and planting of local native species.

To make a donation to our Black-footed Rock-wallaby projects, please select the relevant option on the donation form on this page.

Support the Peter Fannin Indigenous Horticulture Traineeship Fund

In 2016, Peter Fannin (d.2017), Northern Territorian of the Year (2006), made a founding donation of $100,000 to set up an Indigenous Horticulture Traineeship Fund. Interest earned from the fund will be committed to projects.

To make a donation to the Indigenous Horticulture Traineeship Fund, please select the relevant option on the donation form on this page.


Peter was a botanist, conservationist, art lover and most of all, a generous philanthropist and contributor to the community. Since the 1970s, Peter was instrumental in encouraging Indigenous Australians to express their culture through painting, which led to the world-renowned, watershed Papunya art movement.

For over forty years, Peter lived and worked within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and then worked as a volunteer. In retirement he continued to conduct guided plant walks, train others to do so, and worked on the herbarium that he helped to establish. He also assisted his sister, Dr Anne Urban, to produce the book, ‘Wildflowers & Plants of Inland Australia’, a valuable resource for native plant lovers.

Your donation, or end of life bequest, to this fund will support the employment of young Indigenous people in restoring the important sacred site, Tharrarletneme (Annie Meyer Hill). At the same time, employees will learn the skills of botanic gardening.

Yes, I would like to make a donation/end of life bequest to the Peter Fannin Indigenous Horticulture Traineeship Fund, click here.

Sponsor a project or event

If you are a business you may be able to claim a tax deduction as a business expense if you support us by sponsoring a project and receive advertising, in association to that project, in return.

Yes, I would like to discuss sponsoring a project. Please phone us on (08) 8952 2154 to discuss, or contact us via this link.

Our Donors & Sponsors

We are sincerely grateful to our donors and sponsors who support our work through significant contributions.



Our Supporters

The following Community Organisations support us and our aims. You may wish to become a member of one these organisations.

Australian Plants Society, Alice Springs
Contact: apsalicesprings@yahoo.com.au

Alice Springs Field Naturalists
Contact: contact@alicefieldnaturalists.org.au

Land for Wildlife
Contact: lfw@lowecol.com.au

Arid Lands Environment Centre
Contact: info@alec.org.au

Alice Springs Landcare Group
Contact: info@alicespringslandcare.com