OLIVE PINK – Artist, Activist, Gardener by Gillian Ward


Olive Pink: Artist, Activist & Gardener showcases an exquisite collection of original paintings of Central Australian flora and artfully weaves her beautifully written biography of Miss Pink’s life with faithfully reproduced memorabilia.
Miss Pink was ahead of her time with her fierce independence and resolve in support of Aboriginal people of Central Australia.  As well as being an outspoken advocate for the rights of Arrente and Warlpiri people, Miss Pink’s deep love of the Central Australian landscape drove her burning desire to study, illustrate and preserve and live among the beauty she perceived. This in turn lead to the eventual realisation of her “Big Idea”, the formal establishment of a Central Australian Flora Reserve in Alice Springs; as Olive Pink Botanic Garden.


About Gillian Ward

Gillian Ward is a librarian, researcher, photographer, artist and graphic designer and member of Botaniko; a Hobart based botanical artist group. While working as a librarian at the University of Tasmania, Gillian curated an exhibition Miss Pink’s exquisite botanical paintings which inspired her further research into the life and works of Olive Pink. So inspired was Gillian that she became determined to compile her research into one cohesive publication that she eventually named “Olive Pink – Artist, Activist, Gardener”.
Coincidentally, Gillian’s connection with Miss Pink extends to the fact that she lives only 800 metres from the place that Olive Pink was raised as a child.
Gillian is also a member of the Australian Garden History Society and the Tasmanian Historical Research Association and has BA (UTAS), a BFA (UTAS) and a Grad Dip Lib (UTAS).

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