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Sacred Sites

Alice Springs Sacred Sites management program

Our Vision is to assist in establishing a sacred sites management program for Alice Springs facilitated by the Olive Pink Botanic Garden working with Traditional Owners, the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority, Civiltrain and Jobfind. We are initially working with groups of aboriginal trainees to actively manage sacred sites within the central Arrernte boundaries (Alice Springs municipality) with the duel objectives of maintaining the Sites and developing ongoing employment opportunities. After extensive consultation with Custodians we have been given an Authority certificate by the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) for works to be conducted on over one hundred sites around Alice springs.

Project partners





The Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) is an independent statutory organisation established under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act, and is responsible for overseeing the protection of Aboriginal sacred sites on land and sea across the whole of Australia’s Northern Territory.




Civil Train, the training arm of the Civil Contractors Federation is a not for profit registered training organisation that is nationally based. They specialise in Resource and Infrastructure / construction / land management and horticulture training. Civil Train has a proud history of delivering flexible, innovative and high quality training, assisting industry meet it’s contractual and OHS&W obligations and challenges.They are now based in the NT working closely with the OPBG




Jobfind Centres Australia Pty. Ltd. (Jobfind) is a private employment service funded by the Australian Government. Established to assist job seekers and employers, Jobfind works closely with local communities to find suitable employment for job seekers and provides support to employers increasing their hiring capacity to include disadvantaged people. The support and assistance offered by Jobfind includes training targeted at improving the skills of job seekers and through ongoing community engagement, creates improved and sustainable outcomes for all.






The option of establishing a sacred sites management program presents a truly outstanding opportunity to provide a new and exciting level of service to the central Australian community and beyond.The goals of this project are:

· To provide a vehicle for the engagement of traditional owners in caring for significant sites, and their interpretation.

· To provide training and employment opportunities in partnership with registered training organisations.

· To increase the area land actively managed by of Olive Pink Botanic Garden and build on its role in the conservation and land management

· To enhance Alice Springs reputation as a ‘must-see’ tourism destination for visitors to central Australia;

· To establish an engaging and readily accessible network of recreational walks with complementary interpretation of the natural and cultural environment for use by the local community and visitors.

· To develop partnerships with local business to support ongoing employment opportunities for Aboriginal People