Garden Design Master Plan

opportunities plan
Opportunities Plan from the Document – Click to Enlarge

You can download a PDF of the Draft Garden Design Plan HERE (Approx 10mb).

The Plan has been prepared by Landscape Architects Clouston & Associates following a stakeholder consultation process. It outlines a staged, 30-year plan for the development of the Garden.

It is the key companion and supporting document of the Olive Pink Botanic Garden Master Plan which can be downloaded HERE.

The Master Plan itself was developed after public consultation in 2010, and was refreshed in 2015.

The Master Plan establishes a vision for the future and guides the development of the Botanic Garden by providing the strategic framework. This framework underpins the Garden Design Plan.

The 2015 Master Plan Refresh identified a Garden Design Plan as the key change or addition to the Garden’s guiding documents, adopting a key recommendation of the 2005 Boden Report (access using this link). This Report, undertaken by Dr Robert Boden, former Director of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, was commissioned by the NT Government into among other issues, the role, functions and activities of the Olive Pink Botanic Garden.

The Garden Design Plan outlines what is proposed to occur on the ground over the next 25 to 30 years. It will lead to a recasting of the Master Plan’s Garden Plan and Resourcing and Infrastructure Plan sections.

Please provide feedback on the Design Plan by either attending the meeting, or emailing your contribution to